Forest Breath Formula

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Lomatium, Osha, and Spikenard are stimulants that may support the vital life-energy capacity of the circulatory, respiratory, and immune systems. “Forest Breath” combines these invigorating allies that may enhance the body’s natural ability to resist infections, especially of the respiratory.*  more details

Tincture Ingredients: Lomatium Root (Lomatium dissectum), Osha Root (Ligusticum porteri), Spikenard Root (Aralia racemosa), Organic Cane Alcohol, and Spring Water.

Preparation: Wildcrafted Ingredients. Tincture (Spagyric Tincture has been made for Lomatium only).

Suggested Use: Shake well. Add 1-2 full dropper(s) of tincture into 2 oz. of water and use up to 5 times per day. Store in a cool place away from light. Keep away from children. Always consult with a qualified health care practitioner before use.

CAUTIONS: Avoid during pregnancy. May cause a skin rash in some individuals.