What is a Spagyric?

What is a Spagyric?

Spagyric is a word in English that means "alchemy".  Some people have coined the use of the word to mean an herbal medicine produced by alchemical procedures.

We started to embrace the spagyric method of tincture making in early 2019. Our intuition led us to believe that there was a vital essence remaining within the leftover plant material after making standard tinctures, so we then began to extract the wholeness of herbs. At this point, we had already learned about the ancient school of medicine, science, and philosophy of alchemy, through our formal herbal education, ‘at the School of Evolutionary Herbalism?’ We became inspired by the fundamental belief that a certain awareness and intelligence is born from the wisdom of nature.

Ash from nature. Making a Spagyric.

Nutrients from the Ashes
The element of fire is a natural process and is the essential catalyst for healthy vegetation in nature. If we observe the byproduct of naturally occurring wildfires in biological systems, we will notice a recycling of nutrients and regeneration of growth. A once-standing plant habitat becomes reduced to ashes that cover the land. This ash contains the nutrients of the previous generation of plants which then feeds the soil organisms. The soil structure becomes teeming with biology and is then able to nourish a new generation of plants. Springing forward after a wildfire, plants are vivacious and strong because of their access to an abundant resource of nutrients from the ashes.

Whole plant. Making a Spagyric.Whole Plant Extract

By harnessing the element of fire, it is possible to extract the mineral component of herbs. In herbal spagyric tinctures, both the medicinal and mineral components have been extracted, by separate processes, and have become recombined as a unified whole plant extract. Before the herbal minerals are extracted, a standard herbal tincture is created to obtain the medicinal components of an herb, by means of standard tincture, usually in organic alcohol and spring water. When the medicinal extract has been completed, after about 40 days, the leftover herb material is reserved, rather than being composted, for an herbal mineral extraction, by means of calcification within the burning of a contained fire.

The spagyric method

From that point on, we proceed to obtain the mineral content of our original plant material through the element of fire. The plant material is set aside to dry and then placed inside of a ceramic vessel for cremation in the sacred fire.

The vessel cools overnight, and we are then able to grind the ashes down with a stone pestle. We continue by creating one or two more crematory fires, as well as repeating the grinding of the ashes until a whitish colored ash is achieved. This desired ash is then removed from the clay vessel and mixed with water.

We allow a short period of time for the minerals to dissolve in water and then filter the ashes to obtain a pure solution of the plant’s minerals. Then, this solution is evaporated off to precipitate a crystalline matrix. We add a small amount of distilled water to the crystallized minerals. The spagyric tincture is completed when we reunite this mineral extract with the original medicinal extract of our plant material.