Tranquil Space Formula

Tranquil Space Formula

Betony and Mullein are vitally nourishing tonic herbal remedies that may support relaxed states of mind, or mental repose. “Tranquil Space” combines these two pacifying allies that may ease discomforting or undesired thought processes and help to guide the subtle awareness of the mind.

Betony and Mullein are pacifying allies, revealed by the nature of their graceful presence in a fashion of awe-inspiring blooms that proclaim prayers of comfort. In light of spiritual healing traditions, we may comfortably say that a subtle awareness governs the mind, allowing for there to be tranquil space within, or intentional liberation from any sensations of worldly troubles. 

Prayer: I meditate on serenity, peace that settles my mind and fills my whole body with joy.

Betony and Mullein are inspiring, floral herbs that may enhance subtle awareness of elemental Ether to balance the mind and remove obstacles in personal growth. They are also cooling, bitter-relaxants that may enhance energy movement of elemental Air to relieve heat and clear away physically uncomfortable sensations. And, they are drying, tannin-rich astringents that may enhance inner strength of elemental Earth to relieve dampness and protect against infection.

Their most notable shared action, as sedatives, may promote relief from nervous tension, mild anxiety, and feelings of restlessness. In addition, with muscle relaxant, anti-spasmodic actions, they may promote relief from body aches, muscle cramps, and general pains. The medicinal nature of these herbs extends as toxicity-cleansing diaphoretic and diuretic remedies that may promote relief from common colds, flu, and fever. They are also antiseptic, vulnerary herbs that may be used for minor physical abrasions, injuries, and wounds. Last but not least, they exhibit antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effects, useful in both internal and external applications.

Betony (Pedicularis grayii)

Betony is a pacifying ally (see “Tranquil Space” description above) and a sedative remedy that may induce deep relaxation, with the possibility of encouraging spontaneous soul work, helpful for resolving trauma within the body, mental tribulations, or disruptions in sleep and dreamtime. Betony most powerfully expresses elemental Ether, as there exists a perception that this herbal medicine’s undeniable floral taste and natural qualities evoke curiosity of that which is beyond the veil, or the physical nature of things. In its’ native forest habitat, Betony is a dazzling, royal-colored flower that excites a playful mood, bringing out the qualities of a person’s inner child. This remedial signature points to related themes of joyfulness, compassion, and forgiveness.

Tonic use of Betony may support relaxed states of mind, or mental repose.

Herbal actions of Betony may promote relief from: 

Natural elemental qualities of Betony may enhance:

  • Ether, subtle awareness (inspiring, floral herb) 
  • Air, life-energy movement (cooling, bitter-relaxant) 
  • Earth, inner strength (drying, tannin-rich astringent) 

CAUTION: Avoid during pregnancy, when using any sedative drug, and while driving or operating machinery.


Mullein (Verbascum thapsus)

Mullein is a pacifying ally (see “Tranquil Space” description above), and is a sanctuary ally that may promote relief from a multitude of concerns, revealed by the nature of how this plant takes the form of a sacred geometrical spiral, when viewed from the side or directly above. Mullein is also an illuminating ally, revealed by the herb’s tall flower stalk of abundant yellow blooms that resemble a torch. Corresponding to the attribute of will-power, with a direct connection to the Eastern philosophical yellow chakra or solar plexus body meridian, this remedial signature reflects movement of the vital-life energy upwards to the mind. This aspect of Mullein may encourage a lighting of the path towards manifestation of desired actions, and may help one to feel empowered with confidence and in the purity of light. With Mullein, there exists possibilities to help calm stormy seas in the mind, soften agitation of the over-worked, and expand awareness towards the love and light within. Coming around full circle, Mullein may help to enhance awareness of the breathing rhythm and encourage cascading bodily relaxation.

Mullein shares similar tonic use with Betony (see above), and may relax functions of the respiratory, circulatory, and the cardio-vascular.

Mullein shares herbal actions with Betony (see above), and may promote relief from: 

Mullein shares natural qualities of elemental Ether, Air, and Earth with Betony (see above), and may enhance moisturizing effects of Water, as a soothing, mucilaginous-demulcent.


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