Hummingbird Ocotillo

Ocotillo Bark (Fouquieria splendens)
Spagyric.  Wildcrafted Ingredient.

Ocotillo is a native plant to the deserts of the American Southwest and Mexico. These are totally unique and extraordinary plants. Their intense appearance is characterized by thorny hardwood limbs that spread out away from a central crown. The limbs tower high above desert wilderness floors, and, from their tops, produce crimson red blooms after the rainy season. Ocotillo nectar would provide a luxury food for most desert creatures if it weren’t near impossible to collect. However, the hummingbird is clever enough to access these blooms. This is a symbiotic relationship that benefits both living beings in an age old love that has been mutually established within the matrix of nature. And, for all herbalists who seek out a medicinal use from Ocotillo, using the doctrine of signatures is a helpful strategy to understand the medicine that is made from the plant. Looking at the symbolic nature of how Ocotillo grows, and towards the hummingbird’s relationship with this plant, we might say that this medicine holds intrinsic beauty, embodies liveliness within the vital life force, and upholds structural integrity of the body.

Tastes are aromatic, bitter, and sweet. Energies are drying and warming.

Ocotillo has also traditionally been used, in the following ways, to:

  • promote lymph function/ support lymphatic system (lymphagogue)
  • enhance circulation (circulatory stimulant)
  • enhance liver detoxification/ promote blood purification (liver stimulant)
  • and, strengthen, tighten, or tone body tissues (astringent).

CAUTION: Avoid during pregnancy.

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