Hummingbird Ocotillo

Hummingbird Ocotillo

Ocotillo Bark (Fouquieria splendens)

Ocotillo is a stimulant that may support the vital life-energy capacity of the circulatory, immune, and lymphatic systems. Hummingbird Ocotillo remedy is an ally of resilience and may be useful for swollen lymph and related deficient energy, and for preserving bodily integrity.

In deserts of the American Southwest and Mexico, Ocotillo awakens subtle mystical thoughts of curiosity as to how the ancient test of time has created such a special gem! Taking a closer look at this plants’ relationship with the hummingbird, one finds pure love at work. Ocotillo gives of its’ nectar in crimson-red blooms to the life-in-flight of its’ pollinator, but guards its’ reproductive ability with heavily spiked limbs that tower into the sky, thus limiting access to daring creatures. For enraptured wellness seekers, this evolutionary survival strategy reveals an ally of resilience.

The remedial signature within a description of the Ocotillo plant points towards its’ medicinal affinity for enhancing strength of the root chakra and protecting the associated organ systems near the base of the spine that are vulnerable to the effects of diet, aging, and stress. At the core of all being is the vital life-energy that pushes past obstacles in health and well-being, remaining inseparable from the physical structure of bodily integrity. Therefor, the intrinsic value of beauty and the divine aspect of vivacity (nature of hummingbird) is possible by Ocotillo par excellence.

Ocotillo may promote relief from lymph swellings, as a lymphagogue or lymphatic remedy, and may be a useful herb to promote relief from common ailments that arise with deficient energy.

Natural elemental qualities of Ocotillo may enhance:

Fire, life-energy capacity (warming, aromatic-stimulant) 

Earth, inner strength (drying, astringent)

Ether, subtle awareness (inspiring, floral herb)

CAUTION: Avoid during pregnancy.


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