Guardian Cypress

Guardian Cypress

Arizona Cypress Leaf (Cupressus arizonica)

Arizona Cypress is a potent aromatic stimulant that offers a pleasant uplifting aroma and taste, and may support the vital life-energy capacity of the immune system. Guardian Cyprus is an ally of protection and may help to protect against microbial infections.

Arizona Cypress is a native species of Cypress trees, from the American Southwest and Mexico, known for an essential oil content useful in aromatherapy, incense, and as a household medicine.  Cypress reflects a tree’s virtuous inner strength of elemental Earth, and is an ally of protection, revealed by its’ niche, or habitat in nature, thriving where water is accessible in shaded canyons of the desert. Since moisture is prone to host microbes and insects, Cypress evolved producing aromatic oils for protection, and in turn, became a guardian of wisdom to surrounding nature.

The aromatic oil content of Cypress, made available by this tinctured extract, can be employed for ritual cleansing and for the desirable uplifting energy of its’ aroma and taste. Also important is the imparted wisdom and personal growth that may result from any bestowal of purification. 

Herbal actions of Arizona Cypress may promote relief from: 

Arizona Cypress is a warming, aromatic-stimulant that may enhance life-energy capacity of Fire to relieve coldness and cleanse toxicity from infection, and may enhance the natural elemental quality of Earth, inner strength (drying, tannin-rich astringent).

CAUTION: Avoid during pregnancy. Low dose herbal not recommended for long-term use.


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