Guardian Cypress

Arizona Cypress Leaf (Cupressus arizonica)
Spagyric. Wildcrafted ingredient.

Arizona Cypress is a native tree to the American Southwest and Mexico that thrives in the wild ecological niches where groundwater is accessible and shaded canyons allow for water retention in the soil. Because such a habitat is prone to receiving host microbes and insects that take advantage of moist areas, this tree evolved producing its’ own aromatic oils to protect itself and its surroundings from such rival life forms. So, we can say that Cypress has the ability of turning water into wine, symbolically. Its’ fragrant leaves are smudged in dried bundles to purify the air with aromas that are emitted from the smoke. The aromatic oils of Cypress are useful for ritual cleansing, bathing, or simply for enjoyment of its’ pleasant aroma and flavor. Also important is the imparted wisdom and personal growth that may result from any bestowal of purification. With all of this being said, this tree may be likened unto a guardian or someone who protects us and imparts wisdom when we were small children. Related species of Cypress are known throughout the world for holding essential oils used in aromatherapy, incense, and medicine kits.

Taste is aromatic. Energies are drying and warming.

Arizona Cypress has traditionally been used in the following ways, to:

CAUTIONS: Avoid during pregnancy. Low dose herbal not recommended for long-term use.

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