Graceful Waters Marsh Fleabane

Graceful Waters Marsh Fleabane

Marsh Fleabane Flower and Leaf (Pluchea camphorata)

Marsh Fleabane is a stimulant that may support the vital life-energy capacity of the circulatory and immune systems, and may support women’s menstruation. Graceful Waters remedy is an ally of elemental Water and may enhance processes of detoxification.

Marsh Fleabane, also known as Camphor weed, is a valuable aromatic remedy that may help to promote relief from a wide variety of common ailments. This ally of elemental Water is revealed by its’ ability to withstand environments of graceful waters with abundant insect and microbial populations, considered as pests to humans. Marsh Fleabane evolved a natural defense to such creatures with its own potent aromatics. Similarly, its’ aromas are used as medicine, that which may repel insects, promote relief from bites or stings, and cleanse the waters within the body.

Marsh Fleabane may promote relief from ailments including common coughs, colds, and fevers,  as well as allergic responses from airborne contaminants. This remedy may aid natural cleansing, by the movement of circulation, stimulation of the immune system response to infection, and the detoxification channels of sweating and urination. Diluting this powerful aromatic herbal extract with water can be made and applied, carefully, as a topical body and face wash that may promote relief from insect pest annoyances, common allergen responses, or distress accompanying illness.

Marsh Fleabane may stimulate functions of the circulatory and immune systems, and the uterus, useful for women who show signs of weakness or deficiency in menstruation.

Herbal actions of Marsh Fleabane may promote relief from: 

Natural elemental quality of Marsh Fleabane may enhance: 

  • Air, movement of life-energy (cooling, bitter-relaxant)
  • Fire, life-energy capacity (warming, aromatic-stimulant) 

CAUTION: Avoid during pregnancy.


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