Earth Tone Red Dock

Earth Tone Red Dock

Red Dock (Rumex hymenosepalus)

Red Dock is a powerful astringent that may promote relief from skin irritations, wound bleeding, inflamed conditions of the stomach area, and excess mucus discharge. Earth Tone remedy is an ally of elemental Earth and may enhance strength, or tone, of body tissues.

Red Dock reflects the natural quality of elemental Earth as a medicine with powerful astringency that may enhance inner strength, or tone, of body tissues. This herbal action may help to promote relief from mucus discharge, loss of blood, and diarrhea, and has a specific practical application which may help to repair external wounds and the internal lining of the gut. Red Dock may also be used for inflammatory responses of the stomach area when an effect of “dryness” is desirable.

This remedy originates as reddish root-tubers that produce a dark and thick reddish-colored extract, signifying an affinity for strengthened protective defenses of the blood and skin tissues. Also, the interesting growth habit of Red Dock, being one of the first plants to grow in the spring go to seed, and enter into seasonal dormancy, all before the summer heat, is a remedial signature that reveals a very specific quality: that which constricts itself in order to protect from diseases.

Herbal actions of Red Dock may promote relief from: 

Red Dock is a drying, tannin-rich astringent that may enhance inner strength of Earth to relieve dampness and protect against potential infection.

CAUTION: Avoid during pregnancy. Low dose herbal, not recommended for long-term use.


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