Cool Inner Fire Formula

Cool Inner Fire Formula

Yellow Dock and Oregon Grape are vitally nourishing tonic herbal remedies that may support digestion, liver metabolism, blood purification, and the skin. “Cool Inner Fire” combines these two empowering allies that may strengthen willpower and balance intuited sensations of heat.

Yellow Dock and Oregon grape are empowering allies, revealed by the nature of their beautiful yellow medicinal roots that connect to the Eastern philosophical yellow chakra, or body meridian of the solar plexus, corresponding to the attribute of willpower. Feelings of empowerment are directly related to the health of the gut and may lead to the wise use of energy in a good-hearted, merited way. In development of the self, a balanced physiology and psychology follow suit.

There exists a unique concept from the traditional healing system of Ayurveda that paints a mentally clear picture of the importance behind fundamental processes of digestion, metabolism, and assimilation. Known as the agni or fire of digestion, elemental Fire’s ability to burn wood is responsible for converting nutrients from food to create useful energy, as well as efficient waste removal as byproducts. In light of cooling digestive fire, making appropriate dietary changes, taking on physical activity, and practicing deep breathing may all become useful tools to check sensations of heat, with respect to the elements of nature. Intuitively felt sensations of heat are uncomfortable, resulting from compromised body system functions related to this digestive fire, sometimes expressed as mild digestive irritability, infection and inflammation of the gut, as well as blood toxicity with skin eruptions, energetic disturbances, and weakened immune systems.

Prayer: I do for others as I do for myself, empowered with happiness that is gifted by the divine.

Yellow Dock and Oregon Grape are cooling, bitter-relaxants that may enhance life-energy movement of elemental Air to relieve heat and clear away feelings of physical discomfort. They are also drying, tannin-rich astringents that may enhance inner strength of elemental Earth to relieve dampness and protect against infection.


Yellow Dock (Rumex crispus

Yellow Dock is an empowering ally (see “Cool Inner Fire” description above), and a valuable tonic remedy that may support digestion, liver metabolism, blood purification, and the skin.

Herbal actions of Yellow Dock may promote relief from: 

Natural elemental qualities of Yellow Dock may enhance:

  • Earth, inner strength (drying, tannin-rich astringent) 
  • Air, movement of life-energy (cooling, bitter-relaxant) 

CAUTION: Avoid during pregnancy. May cause diarrhea, nausea, and other side effects if used in excess.


Oregon grape (Mahonia repens)

Oregon grape is an empowering ally (see “Cool Inner Fire” description above), and is a remedy that may support as well as stimulate the processes that are most closely linked to digestion. 

Oregon grape is also a transformative ally, revealed by its’ role in nature. This remedy originates from plants that grow medicinal roots under strongly aromatic conifers such as Juniper and Pine, whose expression is elemental Fire, known by the acidic debris and resulting soils of these trees. Oregon grape also provides berries in nature that nourish wildlife, showing a mutual relationship between soil, plants, and animals, also keeping elemental Fire in balance. In a similar way, this remedial signature of Oregon grape reveals the balancing of excessive Fire, within the body.

Oregon grape shares similar tonic use and herbal actions with Yellow Dock (see above), and may  stimulate functions of digestion, the liver, and immunity.

Oregon grape shares natural qualities of elemental Air and Earth with Yellow Dock (see above), and may enhance life-energy capacity of Fire, as a warming, aromatic-stimulant.

CAUTION: Avoid during pregnancy.


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