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To our readers, customers, family, and friends:

“Wild Herbal apothecary offers hand-crafted natural herbal products and specializes in Spagyric tinctures, which are holistic medicinal extracts created through a time-honored method of alchemy.  

All of our products contain high quality ingredients such as organic cane alcohol used to create our tinctures and sustainably wildcrafted plants collected from pristine natural environments.  Most of our herbs are gathered from the Southwest, USA, and sometimes we source herbs from other areas such as the Amazon or naturally grown gardens.

From the wildcrafting to the preparation of our final medicines, we apply our love and prayers.  We have created specialty formulas that are designed using the information we receive from our journeys with plants as allies, and being inspired by the works of great herbalists such as the late Micheal Moore.

We offer this apothecary of medicines to you in service, and welcome you to participate in the journey. As we look forward to hearing back from your heartfelt expressions and experiences with our products, we wish to first take a moment to honor the teachings of our elders, nature of Mother Earth, and life’s blessings of Great Spirit. 

By listening on the journey towards health and well-being, attaining  greater awareness of wholeness becomes possible.”

Thank you. Aho,

From the Wild Herbal team


Meet the Wild Herbal Cofounders

Wild Herbal • Simon Scott

Simon Scott has completed two years of training with herbalist Michael Cottingham of New Mexico, and has gained further knowledge in the Amazon by studying indigenous use of plants, barks, and frog poisons. 

By learning to approach nature with kind-hearted respect, and to gather from the wild with consideration for future generations, Simon found plants to be master teachers with true abilities to awaken humanity. 

He believes that establishing these special relationships are powerful ways towards harmony within oneself so that we may experience more abundant forms of grace, a heart-based, mindful, and spirited existence.

During his many trips to the Amazon rainforest, Simon built meaningful relationships with Katukina, Kuntanawa, and Yawanawá tribes. Through exchanges of knowledge and commerce, Shamanic Supply was formed to sell Amazonian medicines.  This is our sister company and we invite you to take a look.



Wild Herbal • Rilee and John Burgan

Rilee and John Burgan are a devoted married couple who reside within a remote and pristine area of New Mexico.  They hold a great respect for indigenous healing traditions and spirituality, and believe God is good.

From journeys in connecting with their greatly appreciated plant allies, such as the humble Betony and powerful Datura, Rilee and John have enjoyed learning directly from the intelligence within Nature. They approach herbalism through a subtle heart-based perception to learn about the natural qualities of herbs.

Like their dear friend Simon, Rilee and John have gained knowledge from works by the late Michael Moore, and have become dedicated to the timeless methods of plant gathering as well as medicine making. 

Having perfected the Spagyric extraction method to obtain more potent herbal tinctures, and with inspiration to create special herbal formulas, Rilee and John are prepared to offer this dedicated work with love.


Realizing that plants seek connection by means of their vital life force, which is spurred by the elements of nature, we are able to identify their unique personalities or features, known to herbalists as signatures. 

These perceptions can be observed when listening carefully, and act as  useful guides which may reveal what is being asked for.  Our offerings of various remedies provide opportunities to match expressions of this vital energy with personal growth towards health and well-being.

We look forward to introducing you to more of our original creations, such as honeyed elixirs, salves, and remedial herbal teas. 

Rilee, John, and Simon.


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