Wild Herbal • About Us

Wild Herbal is an apothecary specializing in spagyric tinctures created by hand and from wild harvested plants.  Most of these plant allies are sourced from pristine areas of the Southwest region of North America, but sometimes we incorporate the energies of South American plants and barks such as those from the Amazon.

We craft our products by hand using time-tested traditional techniques such as tincturing and spagyric extraction.  Our products are natural medicinal products from Mother Earth and should be used intuitively to re-balance, nurture and increase the feelings of well being.

Wild Herbal is a collaboration between Simon Scott and Rilee and John Burgan.  Simon completed two years of training with herbalist Michael Cottingham of New Mexico, and has gained further knowledge in the Amazon by studying the indigenous use of plants, barks and frog poisons.  Simon has learned to approach nature with a great deal of respect and to gather plants ethically with consideration to future generations. Simon believes that heart in all things leads to a life in harmony with nature and that plants have the ability to grace people’s lives in a way that nurtures the human spirit.

During his many trips to the Amazon, Simon built meaningful relationships with Katukina, Kuntanawa, and Yawanawá tribes, through exchanges of knowledge and commerce.  The manifestation of these partnerships is www.ShamanicSupply.com, an online store specializing in hand crafted natural medicines.  The trade with Shamanic Supply creates a predictable income in these uncertain times.  This allows for education, sanitation and activism which will in turn will lead to stronger commitments to protect the rain forest and their traditional way of living.

Rilee and John Burgan are a young married couple who share an interest in various indigenous healing traditions that see plants as medicines and allies. Their lives were graced with knowledge and blessings after having made several journeys to meet with authentic ceremonial medicine teachers.  Rilee and John believe in honoring the Spirit within all of life, in protecting the sacredness of Mother Earth, and in the power of prayer through which one experiences health and well-being.

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Rilee and John feel deeply connected with plants, through applying both their intuition and reason, and have become skilled in hands-on herbalism after years of practicing medicine making with their own cultivated herbs and with herbs foraged from nature. Having successfully completed many plant related projects, including the cultivation of herb gardens and an acre of medicinal CBD hemp, they feel guided by plant allies and now inspired to help and educate others.

Rilee was selected by Simon to manage Shamanic Supply in the summer of 2019. Soon thereafter an obvious collaboration appeared allowing the expression of the healing power of plants to manifest, this is Wild Herbal. 

Rilee and John were entrusted by Simon to apply their expertise of the alchemical spagyric method to his new wildcrafted tinctures as well as to formulate these plant extracts with his oversight. With much prayer and guidance, the original products of Wild Herbal were diligently created.

Upon the completion of this ambitious work, in the spring of 2020, the team began a quest for farmland that would support their efforts in hands-on-herbalism and in creating an expanded Wild Herbal catalog. They envisioned moving to a location that would guarantee access to essential wildcrafting as well as allow for the growing of herbs through a sustainable farm, modeled in a permaculture design. Their mission was successful when they acquired an  acreage near Taos, New Mexico.

Wild Herbal looks forward to expanding our current offering of Spagyric Tinctures to include teas, balms and salves. To growing more of our own herbs, to developing stands in nature for sustainable wild crafting and to helping many people to feel better through the power of plants.